Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out with the with The NEW!!!!

So Jennifer Hudson is my new inspiration for Weight loss. I know I have been talking and talking and talking and TALKING about how I need to lose its time to "just do it!" I have joined weight watchers and am going to meetings regularly so I thought I would post some tips from Jennifer Hudson on how she did it... and continue to encourage myself and others..."one day at a time.."..:)

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Tips

Crash diets might cause use endless health problems and headahces. Indeed spotting celebrities who lost their extra-pounds in a few weeks can be a real encouragement to keep on with diets and exercise. However there's no need to appeal to radical methods and nutritional programs instead it is is wise to consider some of the basic guidelines and secrets stars like Jennifer Hudson offer who managed to lose no less than 60 pounds throughout her rising career. Indeed some might credit her success to keen exercising others would swear by the effect of diets as Weight Watchers, after all, all comes down to the revolutionizing of our lifestyle which includes nutrition as well as physical exercises. In order to follow the footsteps of the Oscar-winner and laureate singer-actress it is important to shed light on the main principles she included in her lifestyle covering the meals she consumed as well as additional tricks. Those who are eager to lose some of the 'precious' extra-pounds should devote some minutes to the reading of the basic Jennifer Hudson weight loss tips as presented below.


  • Increasing the intake of healthy ingredients is the ultimate secret to get rid of fat. Indeed Jennifer Hudson claimed that the first step to success is to get rid of fried foods. These dishes might be uber-delicious still contain a prominent amount of saturated fats.

  • These in fact trigger the accumulation of fat in the organism and lead to weight gain. Instead of consuming these unhealthy servings make sure you opt rather for the steamed variation of both vegetables, legumes as well as meat. Enjoy the delice of these nutritional elements that will leave you with a sense of satiety as well as would preserve the proper functioning of your metabolism due to the easier digestion

  • Main ingredients that Jennifer Hudson added to her meal plan are vegetables as: lettuce, spinach, brown rice as well as other lean proteins and fibers present in chicken breast as well as fish. These elements should serve as the main pillar of your diet. Consume them with confidence and find out some of the healthy recipes that appeal to these ingredients. The fresh and healthy vitamin content of fruits, vegetables as well as fish will provide your organism with the necessary supplements to develop and produce healthy tissues.

  • Healthy snacks and sweets are also important as these would tame your craves and would prevent the occurrence of midnight munching. Skip the popular junk food dishes instead move on the palette of natural ingredients and choose instead almonds, nut as well as delicious seeds.

  • Moreover you'll also find some cakes and fruit salads that would fulfill your desire for a sweet dessert. Consider some of the popular healthy snack recipes that would allow you to tame your sugar craving. Fruits and seeds will be your best friends when it comes of delicious aftermeals.

  • It is also important to pay special attention to portions. Instead of stuffing yourself with healthy still in excessive amounts damaging dishes choose elements that would have the ability to tame your hunger.

  • In the case of Jennifer Hudson she claims that with the assistance of LaFonza Alston the famous trainer, she manged to reduce her meals to small portions.As a consequence she increased the number of meals and not the amount as the largest meal reached to that of the size of her palm.

  • Portion control is paramount in order to let our organism digest food and break down all the important nutrients. Consider the use of a scale or simple tricks that would help you monitor the food intake and also weight control process.

  • Exercise

  • Jogging as well as weight training were some of the most important exercises she engaged in. Practicing a well-defined workout plan on a daily basis can lead to visible changes in our appearance. Therefore those who would like to look and feel fabulous should start their regime with a daily morning jogging then include at least 1 hour of weight lifting and training in order to define and train the muscles. Besides lifting those stubborn weights Jennifer also does sit-ups as well as push-ups. These exercises have the ability to polish her silhouette and emphasize those curves.

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