Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MY Birthday FUN!:)

So on the DAY of my birthday the snowpocalypse came so it wasn't soo much fun..:(

But I did get to walk across the street and my neighbor made me these...YUMMERS!
 Delicioso..and yes I have chocolate on my teeth...
The weekend BEFORE my bday I went to Charlotte to pick up my friend to go to Raleigh to have a much needed girls weekend:) Her kids and I had a little photo booth fun time..ha!

 Not sure if the other pictures would have been approved but these are pics of my friends feet doing the birthday dance:) I have had a rough month of heartbreak, so they made me a nice little encouragement basket with chocolate, wine...and a little sock monkey with "said boy"s face" and pins to go with:) heh
And here are some of my friends who made my birthday weekend great...

And then there is a picture of me, so utterly thankful for all I have been given:)


  1. it WAS a good weekend, wasn't it! I had such a blast with y'all!