Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life is good

A poet once wrote: “As a rule, man’s a fool. When it’s hot, he wants it cool. And when it’s cool, he wants it hot. Always wanting what is not.”

Life is good. I have to remind myself of that.
I have a great job.  I get to train and license families to take care of children, then match children and families who I feel like fit together.  It's cool because its an opportunity to change people's lives , both the children and the people who have come to help. This is what I'm here for right now, God has given me a great purpose that I dont' always realize. I like what I do, but its hard, and I need Jesus. I get tired...exhausted actually, and the work is never done. People don't always appreciate what I do, or know the extent of what I do..but thats ok because I'm not doing it for them anyways.

When I want to complain and whine about what I wish I had..I do have to remind myself to take a minute and look at what God is currently DOING. It's a great thing to see christians really get on board with loving kids who have come from real brokenness. It's a great thing to see people changed and see people learn and grow from their experiences with these children.'s good.

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